Training outside gives you a feeling of freedom and allows you to train in the fresh air and in different weather conditions. It gives you the opportunity to escape closed environments where we spend most of our time.


Every workout station is custom-built and we are looking forward to produce a unique one for you, the one, you have always wished for

If you want to combine individual street workout elements available or design your own street workout system, feel free to contact us and let us know your requirements. We will be pleased to make you an offer.

One Bar

If you decided to start working out or building your body with body weight exercises, then our set called One Bar is the right choice for you. Plenty of various exercises can be done on the bar. Proper and regular exercises on the bar result in top shape.

One Bar 1.0
One Bar 2.0
One Bar 2.1
One Bar 3.0


Twins set is One Bar upgrade that offers an opportunity to engage in many types of exercises and acrobatic elements.

Twins 1.0
Twins 2.0

Street Fighter

Street Fighter a workout station designed to provide the exercise of all basic workout elements at home. Give it a shot and practice on gymnastic rings and standard dip bars. It provides you with an option of a quality and intense workout.

Street Fighter 1.0
Street Fighter 2.0
Street Fighter 3.0
Street Fighter 4.0


Stingray set is an absolute novelty on the market. We are the first to introduce such an extraordinary workout station that can be located indoors or outdoors with the anti-corosion warranty. You can use it for weight lifting which distinguishes it from other products of this set.

Stingray 1.0
Stingray 2.0

Free Bird

Free Bird workout station offers plenty of bodyweight exercises. It would certainly be a great attraction of every sport grounds or park. Smaller dimensions and reasonable pricing make it one of our most favourite workout stations.

Free Bird 1.0
Free Bird 2.0
Free Bird 3.0
Free Bird 4.0
Free Bird 5.0
Free Bird 6.0
Free Bird 7.0


T-REX is an ultimate workout station for the most demanding users. It has got a weightlift unit that offers numerous settings and can easily be compared to the ones in a well equipped fitness centre. It consists of gymnastic rings, multi handle pull up bars, a dip bar and other elements that allow very efficient and various bodyweight exercises.

T-Rex [brez]

Sparks Tools

Sporting products on the market seem to be reasonably priced, however, they are of lame quality. Hence we have designed and produced a number of home workout items that offer different sporting challenges and can easily cope with the workout of the most enthusiastic and experienced workouters without being broken down.

Sparks Tools Portable dip bars
Sparks Tools Push-up bars

Custom Made

All our training stations and cages are made for each customer individually. Therefore, we are prepared to manufacture exactly the product that you have in mind. If you would like to combine some of the elements which we have on offer or if you would like to order a cage according to your own plans or drawings, please contact us and we will gladly make you a price offer.


Power associated with elegant movements is what Street Workout is all about. Master your body and at the same time develop the power and muscles necessary for the execution of gymnastic elements. Street Workout requires hard training and perseverance, but the results are extremely aesthetical and enrich your body and mind.

Pain is just weakness leaving your body.

We believe in quality of our products and offer our customers a 5-year warranty on the flawlessness of our multigym structures. Warranty includes free repairs of potential flaws made in the process of construction and flaws that might occur during appropriate use of the workout station within a 5-year warranty period. (paint damages are excluded of warranty)

There is a 5 year corossion warranty on galvanized outdoor multigym structures.

The price does not include concrete placement. In case of full installation of the workout station, including surface preparation and concreting the posts, we would be pleased to prepare a business proposal for the additional work.


Our company has grown from a volunteer project called Trim Krpin in Begunje na Gorenjskem.  A handful of enthusiasts began renovating and reconstructing a 40 year-old Elan trim trail. One of the trim stations built as a part of the project is currenty located in the Sports Park in Radovljica. Our vision has always been to offer people an opportunity to rediscover their passion for outdoor activities.

We are an experienced company. We have been producing various sport constructions and sporting products for sport halls and arenas for years. We used to work for Elan Sports, a sport equipment manufacturer, as well as other European manufacturers.

Our main goal was to develop outdoor fitness equipment line so unique and attractive as to attract people`s attention and make them want to train outside much more than in their homemade gyms or overrated fitness studios. That led to the etablishment of our company. We firmly believe you will get to like the idea of practicing and exercising on our innovative workout stations.

Our mission has just started, join the club!